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Fall out of bed into these calorie-burning stretches to prime yourself for zero-effort weightloss


Your fascia - the stretchy, connective tissue between your muscles and skin - is an untapped weight-loss WMD. Thanks to our sedentary lives, most of us spend the day with ours all bunched up, folded and twisted. "Fascial release can allow your body to move more and stretch further," says physiologist Marc Hamilton. This means you'll use up more calories  through non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT." New research shows this approach can burn up to 800kcal per day - or almost half a stone in a month. Do these morning exercises regularly and iron out your fascia to boost your fat loss - no sweat.




HOW? In a lowered press-up position, place a tennis ball under your stomach, about 2in to one side of your belly button. Supported on your toes and forearms, roll sideways and up and down. Switch sides.

WHY? "This hits both sides of your psoas muscle, which runs through your hips and attaches at the top of your thighs," says PT Rob Blair. "It loosens your fascia after that tightening effects of prolonged inactivity."

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We all know that the Japanese staple is great for weightloss, but true raw food sensei can triple benefits by simply swiping the right plate at the right time.

WHY: Tuna is a great source of lean protein, containing more than nearly all other fish. "Because sashimi is raw it's much kinder to your digestive system, too," explains dietitian Dr. Simone Laubscher. Easily absorbed proteins will be hoovered up by hungry muscles.

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Vitamin B6 and zinc aid in protein digestion soup your intake with a sesame diping sauce.

WHY: There's a reason why anglers seem so relaxed. A study in the journal Diabetes & Metabolism found the omega-3 in salmon prevents the stress hormone cortisol from peaking. Add some avocado: its monounsaturated fats help lower your blood pressure, too.

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Alongside, drink two cups of pure green tea to bring your blood pressure down even further.

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BuildyourbonesWe all lose bone mass as we age, but make the right moves now and you can armour-plate your personal scaffolding for years to come.

Rest the handle of a kettlebell across your palm, with the bell against your bicep. Squat, stand up and press the bell overhead. This drill increases bone strength in your wrists, arms, shoulders, pelvis and hips. As with muscles, when bones are loaded, they will respond by increasing in strength.

The repetitive impact from the 'double bounce' motion when skipping will gradually increase the density throughout the long bones of your legs, hips, pelvis and spine. Start slowly, with a low target such as 50 bounces, and work up from there, focusing on your form and rhythm.

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Sexy-Back2Buy lingerie as a gift and there's a 27% chance she'll take it back to the shop. Here's brief guide to getting it right.Sexy-Back1

The classic Marilyn Monroe frame. Her chest and hips are close in size, but her waist curves inwards between them.

Lingerie pattern cutter Josefine Wing says keep her midriff bare to enjoy the "full effect" of her silhouette. High-waisted briefs, French knickers and thongs work well.

"Traditional 'boyshorts' will square-off her hips in an unflattering way", says lingerie designer Sara Caspi. Stick to the more feminine designs.

"She's lean, with her hips, waist and chest all measuring roughly the same," says Caspi.If she's tall, she's got the supermodel build.




'You don't need to spend a fortune to highligh her assets. High-street styles such as teddies and cut-out body suits will add curves that'll make her feel good," says Caspi.
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