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Your Sushi Selector
Diets & Weight Loss
Written by Men's Health   

We all know that the Japanese staple is great for weightloss, but true raw food sensei can triple benefits by simply swiping the right plate at the right time.

WHY: Tuna is a great source of lean protein, containing more than nearly all other fish. "Because sashimi is raw it's much kinder to your digestive system, too," explains dietitian Dr. Simone Laubscher. Easily absorbed proteins will be hoovered up by hungry muscles.

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Vitamin B6 and zinc aid in protein digestion soup your intake with a sesame diping sauce.

WHY: There's a reason why anglers seem so relaxed. A study in the journal Diabetes & Metabolism found the omega-3 in salmon prevents the stress hormone cortisol from peaking. Add some avocado: its monounsaturated fats help lower your blood pressure, too.

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Alongside, drink two cups of pure green tea to bring your blood pressure down even further.

WHY: Put down that energy bar and pick up your chopsticks."This contains rice to restore glycogen levels and fatty acids for your joints," says Laubscher. "Antioxidants in the spring onion and nori combat the free radicals produced when you train hard."

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Pick up a seaweed salad. This alkaline food helps neutralise the build up of lactic acid.

WHY: Wake up man! "You need protein to beat the post-lunch dip," says Costain. Go for some fish-topped nigiri rather than rice-heavy maki. "Choose mackerel for the high level of phosphatidylserine in its flesh:this lipid boosts concentration and memory.

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Wash it down with orange juice: vitamin C helps your body use the fatty acids from oily fish.

WHY: Slay any ill-effects of last night with the dragon:its proteins and carbs will deliver CPR to your decimated blood-sugar levels, giving you, ahem, a bit more puff. "The avocado boosts potassium stores depleted by alcohol," says nutritionist Lyndel Costain.

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Edamame beans are rich in magnesium, helping cells hold on to that precious potassium.

Add a bonus health kick from the bit on the side.

Not Honda's latest release, but a radish. It aids the detoxification process and supports your digestive system.
Pair with: maki rolls.

An antiviral that boosts your immune system.
Pair with: nothing.
Best eaten on its own to cleanse your palate between courses.

A superhero of the condiment world: anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, even anti-cancerous.
Pair with: Sashimi.

Rich in tryptophan, which reduces anxiety and depression.
Pair with: nigiri (purists dip only the fish side).

A sushi chef's guide to creating a bite-size feast at home


. 1 sheet of nori seaweed (trimmed to 3cm x 19cm)
. 180g cooked sushi rice
. 80g salmon
. 30g avocado
. 1 tsp mayonnaise
. A bamboo rolling mat
. Cling film

1 Cover your mat in cling film. Place the nori sheet on it, shiny side down. Spread rice over the nori, 1 cm thick, and leave a 25cm space at each end.

2 Flip the sheet of nori over so the rice is face down on the mat. Place sliced salmon along the centre, with avocado and mayonnaise spread on top.

3 This stage sorts the ninjas from the nonjas. Using the mat to keep everything tightly packed, roll it into a cylinder. Cut into eight, pieces and serve. Kampai!

Bringing Sexy Back
Written by Men's Health   
Sexy-Back2Buy lingerie as a gift and there's a 27% chance she'll take it back to the shop. Here's brief guide to getting it right.Sexy-Back1

The classic Marilyn Monroe frame. Her chest and hips are close in size, but her waist curves inwards between them.

Lingerie pattern cutter Josefine Wing says keep her midriff bare to enjoy the "full effect" of her silhouette. High-waisted briefs, French knickers and thongs work well.

"Traditional 'boyshorts' will square-off her hips in an unflattering way", says lingerie designer Sara Caspi. Stick to the more feminine designs.

"She's lean, with her hips, waist and chest all measuring roughly the same," says Caspi.If she's tall, she's got the supermodel build.




'You don't need to spend a fortune to highligh her assets. High-street styles such as teddies and cut-out body suits will add curves that'll make her feel good," says Caspi.

Padded Bras. "They're pointless and will likely cause offence," says Helen Spencer, head of lingerie buying at John Lewis. Opt for softer lacy cups instead.



"She has a narrow waist and smaller bust with a more ample lower half, especially in the thigh and bottom area," says Caspi.

"Try lighter colours and lace on the top half to draw attention to the bust and away from her hips," says stylist Ceril Campbell, also known as 'The Gok Wan of Smalls'.

Less is not more when it comes to buying underwear for an A Frame. "Street clear of cuts that won't sufficiently cover her derrie(check the e)re," says Spencer.

"Women with an O Frame have a fuller bust, midsection and hips, but more slender shoulders," says Caspi.

Wing suggests retro lingerie for this shape, which "smoothes the figure". A burlesque-style outfit with suspender belt and stockings will work in her (and your) favour.

Buying underwear specifically designed to minimise her curves. "She'll buy shapewear herself; it should never come from you". says Campbell.
SEX Pistol - Potent Boosters to claw back the deficit and lift your libido
Men’s Health
Written by Men's Health   

SEX Pistol - Potent Boosters to claw back the deficit and lift your libido
PistolBritish sperm counts are falling by around 3% every year*. Use these potent boosters to claw back the deficit and lift your libido.


Mentally you might be stuck in first gear, but you can rev fertility up by quaffing the juice of half a lemon in a mug of hot water. "This will accelerate your liver's removal of oestrogen, a major male fertility saboteur," says complementary therapist and author Emma Cannon. "It's most potent drunk on an empty stomach."
Fertility boost 7/10


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Forgo your weekend fry-up and go soft boiled instead. "Eggs contain a full spectrum of amino acids, helping to stimulate sperm production," says nutritional therapist Maria Griffiths2. "Avoid frying though, as it's harder for you to absorb the nutrients."
Fertility boost 8/10

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Life Improving Health News From Around The World
Men’s Health
Written by Men's Health   
A bag of beef jerky will power your mind through the afternoon slump more effectively than a sugary drink. Although glucose is your body's primary energy source, new research shows that your brain prefers protein. Scientists were able to establish that orexin cells, which release stimulants into your grey cells to keep it alert, work most effectively with protein-based fuel. What's more, increased activity in these cells is linked to fat burning. So when your work rivals are cracking open a Coke, grab an egg sandwich to outsmart them, as well as winning the battle of the bulge.
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How to lose weight & influence people
Diets & Weight Loss
Written by Men's Health   
RickyIn an exclusive interview, Ricky Gervais tells MH how he ditched the excuses, burnt off the belly - and kept his sense of humour.

He thinks it was the eleventh sausage that did it. Staring down at the greasy, empty plate, Ricky Gervais knew he had to seriously reassess his lifestyle.

"Eleven Sausages," he repeats with a smile. " I couldn't stop eating them. I felt really ill, really bad. I had to lay there for a couple of hours, like a snake just to digest them."

The comedian's pork nadir occurred just over two years ago, during Christmas 2009 at his home in Hampstead, north London. As he chewed and swallowed that final sausage, he says, something simply clicked inside him.

"I just thought, this is getting fucking ridiculous," he says. "I had hit 14 stone."

The sausage meltdown was a high-water (and weight) mark for the controversial writer, actor and Golden Globes host. From January 2010, he committed himself to a healthier lifestyle, and a routine that has subsequently seen him slim down to a svelte 12 stone. For 50-year-old Gervais-who talks of "turning my life around at the last minute" - it is something he takes extremely seriously. It's belated wake-up call, but one that fits a clear pattern in his ever unorthodox life.
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